Friday, 8 July 2016

My holiday trip to America

In the holidays I am going to America. Nicole, Lucy and Kylie from Shortland Street are coming with me to America. Nicole, Lucy and Kylie are escaping from Shortland Street to make a movie with me in it in America. I have super powers and I can fly and I can run really fast then anybody else and I can also talk to animals. I found some money in my room in the hotel safe that somebody must of left behind and it was $1 million. I went shopping with the money I found in my room in the hotel safe and I bought a car. I found a animal that can talk and it was a black cat and it told me its name and its name was Salem. The cat wanted to be my friend. I didnt want to tell anyone that this cat Salem can talk because Salem didnt want anyone else to know that he can talk. I saw my old teacher Sue from school and she is now a famous actress in America. Nicole got lost in Disneyland and didnt know where me, Lucy and Kylie were. Nicole found me, Lucy and Kylie at the ticket booth where you show your ticket on your wrist to go on the rollercoaster. We finished our movie before we went to Disneyland. After Disneyland we went to the airport to go back to New Zealand and we came to New Zealand at night time. It was night time in New Zealand.

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