Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mini golf and Szimpla

On Monday the 23 of November we went to mini golf and Szimpla. We went to the mini golf next to Butterfly Creek. Richard came to play mini golf with us and came with us to Szimpla. I was with Nathan, Max and Daniel when I was playing mini golf and we hit our ball into 18 holes. After mini golf we went to Szimpla and I ordered nachos and also Richard had nachos and Tracy and Lionel had steak and Vikki and Kaimoana had fish and chips and Chance, Kerry, Daniel, Max, Patrick, and Dharmesh had burgers.

Maritime museum and ferry ride

On Tuesday the 17 of November we went to the Maritime museum in the city. We were going to walk to the train station to catch the train to go to the maritime museum but it started to rain so we catched the bus instead. What we saw at the museum is boats, manaquins wearing swimsuits, suitcases, beds, trophies, sir Peter Blake's lucky red socks, a helmet a jacket and some shoes and jigsaw puzzles for people to do. After looking at the museum we saw Richard and Natasha and Richards dog Mika and we went on the ferry and we saw a container ship and cranes lifting the containers and we went under the harbour bridge and we saw a man bungee jumping off the harbour bridge. After the ferry ride we went to go and catch the train back to Panmure and we walked back to school.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Doing some art at Te Tuhi art centre

On Friday we went to the Te Tuhi Art centre in Pakuranga. Charlotte was our art teacher who was doing art with us. We used black paint to paint the plastic sheet and we let the paint dry. On a dry black plastic sheet we traced a letter and I did the letter y and we drew some designs on the black plastic sheet near the letter and we used a nail to scratch out our design. We had a piece of coloured paper underneath our black plastic sheet to give it some colour and to let it stand out.