Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bowling and laser strike at Panmure super bowl

On Wednesday the 24 of June the community class went to Panmure super bowl to go bowling and play laser tag. We had to wear bowling shoes to go bowling. Max got three strikes. Richard bought us some food and it was chicken nuggets, onion rings, wedges, and spring rolls. We had to roll the ball straight to knock the pins down. Every time it was Lionel's turn to bowl the sides were not up. The sides are where the ball bounces off them when you are bowling. If you don't have the sides up it will go on to the side and it won't knock the pins down. After bowling we went to go and play the arcade games.The games we were playing were table hockey, basketball hotshot,ride the motorbike, transformer gun game, racing car game and deal or no deal.When we were playing deal or no deal we had to win tickets to get a prize. After playing the arcade games we went to go and play laser strike. we had to wear a vest and clip it in and we had to hold a gun to play laser strike. The colours of the two teams were red and blue. The colour that was on my vest was red. We had to shoot the other team and run and chase other people and hide from other people. There were lots of lights in the dark. I like going to Panmure super bowl to go bowling and play laser strike because it was exciting. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Going to Westfield shopping centre in Albany

On Friday the 9 June we went to Albany Westfield to go and look at the shops and try on clothes and practice talking to shop keepers. I was with Kerry, Vikki, and Kaimoana. I tried on two skirts at K-mart. We went by van and car. We went over the harbour bridge and through the tunnel. We went to Glassons, Jay Jays, chemist, Farmers, K-mart, just jeans and Whitcoulls. Vikki tried on two t-shirts at K-mart. Vikki and Kaimoana tried on some hats at Glassons. 

Helping out in the community

On Friday the 12 June we went to Lionel's friends house in Wai O taiki bay to clean and weed the garden. What we did is we pulled out the weeds, sweep path and driveway, rake leaves, cut grass, chop down old branches, Lionel used a weed eater to cut the grass and we pruned back some bushes. It was loud when Lionel was using the weed eater to cut the grass. when we finished doing the gardening I went with Lionel to go and get some fish and chips for all of us to eat for lunch and we went back to the community house.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Im looking I ain't buying

On Friday the 22nd of May we went to Dress Smart in Onehunga to look at the shops and try on clothes. We were in three groups I was with Kerry, Vikki and Kaimoana. I tried on some sunglasses. Vikki tried on a white t-shirt and a dress with light blue leaves on it. Kaimoana tried on a dress that is light blue. After shopping we went to the park to have lunch.