Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mini golf and Szimpla

On Monday the 23 of November we went to mini golf and Szimpla. We went to the mini golf next to Butterfly Creek. Richard came to play mini golf with us and came with us to Szimpla. I was with Nathan, Max and Daniel when I was playing mini golf and we hit our ball into 18 holes. After mini golf we went to Szimpla and I ordered nachos and also Richard had nachos and Tracy and Lionel had steak and Vikki and Kaimoana had fish and chips and Chance, Kerry, Daniel, Max, Patrick, and Dharmesh had burgers.

Maritime museum and ferry ride

On Tuesday the 17 of November we went to the Maritime museum in the city. We were going to walk to the train station to catch the train to go to the maritime museum but it started to rain so we catched the bus instead. What we saw at the museum is boats, manaquins wearing swimsuits, suitcases, beds, trophies, sir Peter Blake's lucky red socks, a helmet a jacket and some shoes and jigsaw puzzles for people to do. After looking at the museum we saw Richard and Natasha and Richards dog Mika and we went on the ferry and we saw a container ship and cranes lifting the containers and we went under the harbour bridge and we saw a man bungee jumping off the harbour bridge. After the ferry ride we went to go and catch the train back to Panmure and we walked back to school.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Doing some art at Te Tuhi art centre

On Friday we went to the Te Tuhi Art centre in Pakuranga. Charlotte was our art teacher who was doing art with us. We used black paint to paint the plastic sheet and we let the paint dry. On a dry black plastic sheet we traced a letter and I did the letter y and we drew some designs on the black plastic sheet near the letter and we used a nail to scratch out our design. We had a piece of coloured paper underneath our black plastic sheet to give it some colour and to let it stand out.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Race at Pakuranga college

On Tuesday the 13 October we went to Pakuranga College for the amazing pak race. The schools who were racing against us was Sunnydene, Selwyn college, Sancta Maria and Pegasus unit. We had a map of the school and some pictures of the places we had to find and we had a piece of paper on our wrist to get some stamps from the person that was at the place we found and we all had to take a group selfie with the person. I was with Lionel, Kerry, Max, Vikki, Chance and Timothy in a group. After the two races we had a sausage sizzle and the teachers had pizza bread, sausage rolls and samosa's. Our group Sommerville 2 came in second place and I felt happy that I came in second place.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

At Jane's house in Ness valley

We went to Jane's house in Ness valley which is in Whitford. we went for a walk around the farm and saw some sheep and lambs. We groomed a horse and I picked out the horses hooves. Jane has three horses but there were only two horses at her house. We had a BBQ at Jane's house and we had sausage and bread with tomato sauce. It was raining that day we went to Jane's house. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Getting a hop card

On Wednesday 29 July we went to Pakuranga plaza to buy a hop card. We got into groups. We had to ask what time the plaza closed and I asked the lady at the chemist what time Pakuranga plaza closed and she said 6.00. We had to look for the toilets and we had to take a photo. We had to look for mister minit to ask how much does it cost to get a key cut and the man said $7.90. Tank sells smoothies and we had to take a photo in front of the tank store. We bought the hop cards from the lotto shop and the hop cards cost $10. After buying a hop card and taking photos and asking people questions who work at Pakuranga plaza we had morning tea in the food court. 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hollywood Disco

On Friday the 31 July we went to the Maurice Paykel Hollywood disco at Tamaki Intermediate. We had popcorn and chips to eat and we had some drink and we had a lolly scramble. Chance was crowned the king and Amy was crowned the queen. I liked listening to the music and I liked the lolly scramble. The hall was decorated with balloons, flashing lights and fairy lights. At the entrance of the hall there was a red carpet. There was netting that had stars on it that was hanging from the roof. After the disco we went back to class to have burgers for lunch.  

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bowling and laser strike at Panmure super bowl

On Wednesday the 24 of June the community class went to Panmure super bowl to go bowling and play laser tag. We had to wear bowling shoes to go bowling. Max got three strikes. Richard bought us some food and it was chicken nuggets, onion rings, wedges, and spring rolls. We had to roll the ball straight to knock the pins down. Every time it was Lionel's turn to bowl the sides were not up. The sides are where the ball bounces off them when you are bowling. If you don't have the sides up it will go on to the side and it won't knock the pins down. After bowling we went to go and play the arcade games.The games we were playing were table hockey, basketball hotshot,ride the motorbike, transformer gun game, racing car game and deal or no deal.When we were playing deal or no deal we had to win tickets to get a prize. After playing the arcade games we went to go and play laser strike. we had to wear a vest and clip it in and we had to hold a gun to play laser strike. The colours of the two teams were red and blue. The colour that was on my vest was red. We had to shoot the other team and run and chase other people and hide from other people. There were lots of lights in the dark. I like going to Panmure super bowl to go bowling and play laser strike because it was exciting. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Going to Westfield shopping centre in Albany

On Friday the 9 June we went to Albany Westfield to go and look at the shops and try on clothes and practice talking to shop keepers. I was with Kerry, Vikki, and Kaimoana. I tried on two skirts at K-mart. We went by van and car. We went over the harbour bridge and through the tunnel. We went to Glassons, Jay Jays, chemist, Farmers, K-mart, just jeans and Whitcoulls. Vikki tried on two t-shirts at K-mart. Vikki and Kaimoana tried on some hats at Glassons. 

Helping out in the community

On Friday the 12 June we went to Lionel's friends house in Wai O taiki bay to clean and weed the garden. What we did is we pulled out the weeds, sweep path and driveway, rake leaves, cut grass, chop down old branches, Lionel used a weed eater to cut the grass and we pruned back some bushes. It was loud when Lionel was using the weed eater to cut the grass. when we finished doing the gardening I went with Lionel to go and get some fish and chips for all of us to eat for lunch and we went back to the community house.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Im looking I ain't buying

On Friday the 22nd of May we went to Dress Smart in Onehunga to look at the shops and try on clothes. We were in three groups I was with Kerry, Vikki and Kaimoana. I tried on some sunglasses. Vikki tried on a white t-shirt and a dress with light blue leaves on it. Kaimoana tried on a dress that is light blue. After shopping we went to the park to have lunch.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Seymour with the plant Audrey 2

Last week on Wednesday we went to St Kents to watch the school production little shop of horrors. It was about a plant that eats people and the plant is called Audrey 2. The mean dentist chokes on the oxygen mask and when the mean dentist is dead Seymour feeds him to the plant. The plant eats  Seymour, Mr Mushnik and Audrey. The 3 singing girls looked pretty in there pink dresses.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Memorial at Sommerville

In rememberance of Anzac day we had a service at school for the soldiers who died in world war 1. We sang the national anthem in english and maori language.A man from Tamaki college came to Sommerville and he played the bugle.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Having fun with crazy imaginary friends

In the weekend I went to visit Tree Girl. She lives over the North Shore. For fun we went to the movies. We went to meet T.V. boy afterwards for dinner. T.V. boy likes to eat hot curry and rice. After dinner we all went to town to see our friend Kitty cat dance. She loves dancing. We all had a great night. I got home at 3.00 am In the morning. Tree Girl grows fruit to sell at the markets. T.V. boy works at the airport as a pilot. Kitty cat is a dancer.
Shanise art.jpg

By Shanise

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I don't like cricket I LOVE IT

Last week on Thursday we went to cricket at Sir Thomas Bloodworth park. We did some catching on the crazy catch, throwing the ball into the target net, hitting the ball with a bat and running and throwing the ball to someone to hit. We had a sausage sizzle for lunch it was nice. The boys from St Kentigerns school were helping and supporting us.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Keeping it Szimpla

On Mondays we go to work experience. We go to Szimpla restaurant, fire corp and we wash cars. What we do at Szimpla is fold newspaper for fish and chips,fill up vinegar,clean the shelves, put towels in the washing machine, wash the dishes, polish the knifes and forks, spray and wipe tables, fold the washing and set the tables.My favourite job at Szimpla is setting the tables and polishing the knifes and forks and cleaning the shelves. I like doing these jobs because I like working at Szimpla.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Fun with noodles

On Wednesdays the Community Class and Tika go swimming at Glen Innes pools. I like going to Glen Innes pools because it is a lot of fun. We do aerobics and swimming lessons there. This is a picture of me using a noodle to float.

Smile at Sylvia Park

Yesterday we went to Sylvia Park. My teacher Lionel gave us a list of shops we had to take photos of. I was with Richard,Nathan,Chance and Patrick. There were three groups of us. One group was with Kerry and one group was with Lionel. My favourite shop was the warehouse. It was easy to find all of the shops. We went to 2 degrees, the warehouse, north beach, Quiksilver, Athletes Foot, Cotton on Kids, Whitcoulls, Sony and the Japan mart. We had our lunch at Sylvia Park. It was lots of fun looking for shops.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fun day with Pegasus

Last week on Thursday we went to Pakuranga college to go swimming and play basketball and hockey. We met some students from Selwyn college,Pegasus class, Santa maria and Diocesan college. I didn't go swimming at Pakuranga college I just watched. Some of the students played hockey and basketball the students played basketball and hockey in the gym. This is my teacher Lionel swimming and he is putting his thumbs up to say well done.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Gossip girls

I am at the cafe in Elaines class we are having something to eat I am eating a cupcake I am with my class yes it was nice it made me feel happy. I want to go back to that cafe in Elaines class to eat more yummy food. I had a milo to drink with my cupcake.