Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Interact arts festival

On Thursday the 26 October we went to the interact festival in Henderson. I got my face painted of flowers, butterflies, and a rainbow and made three badges of a red heart, blue flower and a red star and I made a bracelet with blue beads.someone was handing out chocolate fudge and lollies and I got a chocolate fudge to eat and it was really nice. There was a place to make hats, draw some pictures, make a picture and paint over it and print it on a plain piece of paper, there was also some pictures to color in and there was a wearable arts parade. After the interact arts festival we went back to school on the bus. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trip to the museum

On Monday the 26 June we went to the Auckland museum. We saw a big wall of lollies, cultural jewelry, Marae, earthquake house. I went inside the Marae and I had to take my shoes off to go inside the Marae. The teachers that were taking me and the group to the museum were Sarah and Tracy. My favorite part at the museum was going into the Marae and looking at the big wall of lollies and the earthquake house. After looking at the museum we went to the winter gardens near the museum and looked at the plants.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Pakuranga Pegasus ball

On Friday the 16 June we went to the Pakuranga college pegasus ball. There were some ladies from cut above academy to do our hair and makeup. I liked getting my hair and makeup done and I liked dancing to the music. There was some food for us to eat. We had pizzas, cakes, chocolate brownies, ice cream, popcorn, chips, drinks and filled rolls. What we had in our filled rolls were cheese, coleslaw, ham or chicken.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Edgewater coming for a visit

Today on the 5th of April Edgewater college came to Te Hapori. They came to have morning tea with us before they all went swimming. Edgewater and Te Hapori played some basketball, did some loom bands and singing in our class. It was a rainy day today. The teachers that came with Edgewater were Kevin the teacher and Elly and Naki the teacher aides. 
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Friday, 24 March 2017

All about me

I am Shanise I have lovely long black hair. My favourite teacher is Lionel. I like going to the Warehouse and going to the mall in the weekend. I like going to Szimpla for work experience. I like to eat pizza and fried rice for lunch. I am excited about going on that rotary camp in May. I live with my Aunty and Nana. I like doing art at school. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

My map I made with Emma

This morning I made a map with Emma. We went into google maps and we pressed create map and we pressed add to map the places we have searched on google maps. I searched the places we have visited and Emma changed the color of the location markers and I changed the icon. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

My holiday trip to America

In the holidays I am going to America. Nicole, Lucy and Kylie from Shortland Street are coming with me to America. Nicole, Lucy and Kylie are escaping from Shortland Street to make a movie with me in it in America. I have super powers and I can fly and I can run really fast then anybody else and I can also talk to animals. I found some money in my room in the hotel safe that somebody must of left behind and it was $1 million. I went shopping with the money I found in my room in the hotel safe and I bought a car. I found a animal that can talk and it was a black cat and it told me its name and its name was Salem. The cat wanted to be my friend. I didnt want to tell anyone that this cat Salem can talk because Salem didnt want anyone else to know that he can talk. I saw my old teacher Sue from school and she is now a famous actress in America. Nicole got lost in Disneyland and didnt know where me, Lucy and Kylie were. Nicole found me, Lucy and Kylie at the ticket booth where you show your ticket on your wrist to go on the rollercoaster. We finished our movie before we went to Disneyland. After Disneyland we went to the airport to go back to New Zealand and we came to New Zealand at night time. It was night time in New Zealand.